Will be available mornings anywhere in the Yancey County School System in the 2nd semester and at Clearmont Elementary for full days.  (My kids get off the bus at 2:25!)  Advance notice will work much better and with enough advance notice, I might be able to work out full days elsewhere.



cell: 828-284-2772

Artist Statement

Hi!  I am a writer (poetry, plays, essays) who is also a former HS English teacher.  My first chapbook of poetry was published by Finishing Line Press in 2011 and the Parkway Playhouse produced my first play in the same year.  (My second will be performed in September.)  I’ve taught creative writing classes in the past and have done several week-long residencies in fourth grades in Yancey County teaching poetry.  Writing is unquestionably a valuable skill for everyone, but I want to focus on the creative aspects and hopefully help students enjoy writing!

What’s in my suitcase?

* books of poems

* “magnetic” poetry

* The Mysteries of Harris Burdick posters

* blank greeting cards

* old books to rip apart and re-use

* intriguing images to spark creativity

What I might do:

I can tailor what I do to any class — even math and science, so don’t be scared to challenge me to challenge your students to write creatively.  I can either work within your existing lesson plans, or can provide an entire day’s project (which means you wouldn’t need to leave lesson plans).

* help students write animal, nature, outer-space, math poems

* help students write a skit (to go along with content) or simply to learn playwriting structure

* create a class story (for younger grades – to teach the elements of a story: setting, character, plot, resolution)

* create greeting/Christmas/birthday card poems

* create found poems from texts/stories used in class (or using existing vocabulary words)

Teachers who have seen me in action:  Mrs. Antinori, Mr. Grindstaff  and Ms. McKinney at Burnsville Elementary;  Mrs. Deyton and Mrs. Black at Clearmont Elementary.

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