In the Classroom: Landforms

Anne Phillips subbed for a 5th grade class at Burnsville Elementary School. Students had just started learning about landforms so she created an art lesson inspired by that. They talked about how water travels from higher elevations to lowere elevations. They discussed the prominent landforms of North Carolina – mountains to piedmont to coast – and discussed the affect water has on landforms (erosion, canyns, rivers, etc.).

The art lesson began with an introduction to foreground, middle ground, and background. She asked students to create landforms and landscapes using this technique. She brought in several examples of artwork to illustrate this concept for inspiration. Each student received a large piece of light blue construction paper. They divided their paper into three areas, then did a simple sketch of their landforms, concentrating on perspective and depth. She brought in a vast collection of papers with different textures, patterns, shades and colors for students to cut and paste onto their sketches. They used various overlapping papers to represent streams, waterfalls, canyons, mountains, hills and plains.

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